Agricultural and Biological Research
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Agricultural and Biological Research (AGBIR) is an International peer reviewed open access journal that publishes articles in the field of agro-sciences, biological, ecological and toxicological Studies.

AGBIR is a scientific journal that provides academicians and researchers a unique platform to collect and disseminate latest research on agriculture and biological sciences. The journal focuses on improving agricultural production systems, enhancing agricultural sustainability and addressing issues of toxicology and food security whilst protecting the environment.

Dr. Anil Mishra started this journal with an aim to support the wider scientific community working in the field of agriculture and associated disciplines. It looks forward to provide the academicians, researchers and future generations a forum to publish their research findings and also to open new vistas for further research. It invites full papers, short communications, reviews and editorials based on Agriculture, Biology, Bio-Sciences, Ecology, Toxicology and Environment.

Why to publish with AGBIR?

  • Agricultural and Biological Research (AGBIR) is Indexed in BIOSIS Previews and Zoological Record which are part of the Life sciences in Web of Science (WOS), India Science Abstract, MEDLINE Computer Search, USEPA-USA, CAB
  • Rapid Peer Review process
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Current Issue: Volume 35, Part 1, January, 2019 Download/Print

Growth and yield of Turnip as affected by row spacing and nitrogen levels under cold arid condition.

Multiple PCR guided species - specific markers derived through genome - based interspecific in heterogenicity in genus Sena and their validation in crude drugs.

Impact of field release of green laceuring, Mallade desjardinsi(Neurospora: chry-sopidae), on tea red spider mite, Oligonychus caffeae (Acri: Tetranychidae) population.